We're done with the third quarter of 2018, and I'm begging to see the contours of how my portfolio will do this year. I'm still building my dividend growth machine, and I'm now thinking about adjusting the risk level as the interest rates are increasing.

The dividends received this month sources from 7 different stocks, but I'm actually thinking of getting rid of 3 of them. The reason for this is that we are expecting rising interest rates, and that the stocks in question are geared, implying that the return should decline due to higher debt costs. The three stocks in questions are REML, MRRL and SMHD. I'll do a more thorough post about them when I've made my decision later in October.

You'll also notice that two other stocks has paid less than the prior period. For the Swedish stock CLAS-B this is actually not true, but the dollar has strengthen against SEK since the last payout. But SXCP did cut their dividend, and I'm also thinking about selling that stock this month. Again, I'll write a post about it when I've made my decision.

Dividends received this month:

Date Stock Total PY
09/05    SXCP $40.00 $59.40
09/07    AMSC $87.07 N/A
09/15    CLAS-B $103.99 $117.92
09/17    O $16.28 N/A
09/25    REML $7.99 $5.68
09/26    MRRL $8.81 $5.95
09/26    SMHD $14.68 $26.27
$278.82 $215.22
Year-over-year growth: 29.55%

This month I'm actually not satisfied with the YoY growth. The reason for this is that AMSC paid of their dividend last August, implying that the actually YoY growth is negative.

Part of the negative growth sources from the fluctuations in SEK/USD as previous stated. I report my dividends in USD, but I've received the same SEK amount regarding CLAS-B. So that's not something to delve into. But the fact that SXCP has cut their dividend is a large warning sign. Same goes for the three amigos REML, MRRL and SMHD which I do believe contains too much risk for my appetite at the moment.

  • 249.8
  • 72.46
  • 325.36
  • 881.4
  • 1381.43
  • 166.43
  • 342.43
  • 241.16
  • 278.82
  • 0
  • 157.17
  • 189.61
  • 297.96
  • 326.91
  • 66.87
  • 285.38
  • 124.06
  • 215.22

Dividend Diplomats
October 16th, 2018 19:45

Excellent month Beta Post! I love seeing that new dividend from Realty Income this year compared to last. It is one of my favorite holdings in my portfolio.

Keep up the great work!


The Beta Post
October 16th, 2018 23:53

Hi Bert, yeah Realty Income has proven to be a sound investment so far.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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