The summer is coming to an end and I'm back at the office preparing for the next business cycle. It's easy living these day. And also the market is having a good time, with all time highs everywhere you look.

The month of August has went by without any notable events for my portfolio. I haven't made any purchases, as the cash flow this month has been slow. This will for sure change next month, when I plan to make use of some of the funds I'll put into my new pension account.

My portfolio has provided me with some great dividends this month. Mostly driven by the quarterly dividend from T and SAS-PREF. I bought the latter back in July, and it's my first encounter with preference shares. So far it's been a sound investment, with capital gains and dividend income about $117 above my purchase price. The company behind the preference share has had a bad summer to say it mildly, with many flight cancelations. But at the moment I'm not worried about any financial distress for SAS, which is my main concern when owning preference shares (similar to bonds).

Dividends received this month:

Date Stock Total PY
08/01    T $42.50 N/A
08/08    SAS-PREF $76.76 N/A
08/16    O $16.28 N/A
08/22    SMHD $17.42 $13.45
08/22    REML $11.11 $10.30
08/22    MRRL $14.38 $11.54
08/23    PNDORA $37.01 N/A
08/30    EQNR $25.70 N/A
08/31    AMSC N/A $88.77
$241.16 $124.06
Year-over-year growth: 94.4%

The YoY growth for August clocks in at 94.4%, but sources mainly from new investments. The dividend from American Shipping Company (AMSC) is due next month, again messing up with my YoY calculations. I'll guess I just have to live with it.

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you had a great August!

  • 249.8
  • 72.46
  • 325.36
  • 881.4
  • 1381.43
  • 166.43
  • 342.43
  • 241.16
  • 0
  • 157.17
  • 189.61
  • 297.96
  • 326.91
  • 66.87
  • 285.38
  • 124.06

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