I'm excited to show you my very first dividend report. I started building my portfolio back in February, but September is the first full month of blogging about it.

So let's get straight to the numbers. The table below list all dividends received this month. Note that I use the payment date to track my dividends, not the ex. date.

Date Stock Total
09/01    SXCP $59.40
09/15    CLAS-B $117.92
09/22    SMHD $26.27
09/22    MRRL $5.95
09/23    REML $5.68

Transactions this month:

Stock Cost Shares Total
O $58.84 25 $1,471

Only one addition to my portfolio this month. Realty Income Corporation (O) should be familiar to most of my readers, and I'm looking forward to receiving a monthly dividend from them.

The graph below illustrates my dividend income so far this year. September is slightly above average, mostly due to the large dividend received from CLAS-B, which only pays one dividend a year.

Overall I'm satisfied with this month, but hope to increase my purchases throughout October in order to increase my receivables.

  • 0
  • 157.17
  • 189.61
  • 297.96
  • 326.91
  • 66.87
  • 285.38
  • 124.06
  • 215.22
October 5th, 2017 23:44

That's a pretty solid month for how recently you started investing. Looks like you're adding a good amount of cash each month too so that's sure to help things grow!

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