Another month has passed, and the dividends keep on coming. I did not expect October to be a particular good month, but the fact states that this has been the best month so far this year, with over $300 received.

The main reasons for this peak is the large dividends received from my more riskier positions, such as MRRL, SMHD and REML. These distributions will vary over time.

Dividends received this month:

Date Stock Total
10/13    O $5.30
10/17    CBL $47.70
10/23    REML $88.05
10/23    MRRL $86.16
10/23    SMHD $54.20
10/27    TELIA $47.66

I've started tracking my monthly income by how many Fridays I could take off work. My current hour rate is about $25, so with the October figures I could have taken ($25 * 8) / $329.07 = 1.64 Fridays off! I'll keep pushing to get this figure to 4.

Transactions this month:

Stock Cost Shares Total
TELIA $4,93 400 $1,972
TEL $20.91 90 $1,882
T $38.70 45 $1,548
PNDORA $91.46 25 $2,286
T $33.75 40 $1,350

I had no investment in telecommunication, and decided to diversify my investment into three telecommunication companies: Telenor (Norway), Telia (Sweden) and AT&T (US). The latter one I bought in the start of October only to see the stock decline about 10% after. Fortunately I was able to buy some more later in the month after collecting the dividends mentioned above. Thanks to Mr. All Things Money for his analysis on AT&T.

I invested a total of $9,038 during October, which is way more than the month before. I do not expect to be able to invest such a figure the following months, but do hope to find 1-2 companies before we write 2018.

The graph below illustrates my dividend income so far this year.

  • 0
  • 157.17
  • 189.61
  • 297.96
  • 326.91
  • 66.87
  • 285.38
  • 124.06
  • 215.22
  • 329.07

Total dividends so far this year now amounts to $1,992. That is only $8 from crossing the $2,000 bar. This will for sure happen in the next couple of days!

November 3rd, 2017 14:02

Thank you for the mention, I appreciate it. Also, congratulations on making the best month this year in dividend income :) Now, you have to make sure those dividends grow every year.

Also, it's time for some risk management. CBL took a huge plunge today with triple whammy: earnings miss, guidance cut, and slash in dividend. They didn't give a div raise last year, which should have been a warning. Normally, I would sell a stock if it didn't give a raise in any given year+2Qtrs. A dividend cut would be an immediate sell for me.

What are your thoughts on that?

BTW, I don't own CBL, but the closest thing I own is SKT (an outlet mall REIT) which is also down today in sympathy, but does not have the issues of CBL and much stronger balance sheet and divi.

Take care

The Beta Post
November 5th, 2017 05:18

Thanks for your comment!

Regarding CBL, this was a huge mistake by me. I'm currently reading the book The Single Best Investment (due to your recommendation), and from the looks of it, CBL should have been sold earlier (never bought) if I followed the steps in that book.

I'm currently writing a blog entry about CBL, and how this event will shift my focus from high yielders to more stable growth.

Thanks for the tip on SKT, I will take a closer look at it!

November 6th, 2017 15:04

I'm glad you are reading the book I recommended. It's probably one of the best books I've read on dividend investing.

Regarding SKT, it wasn't a tip : ) I was simply making a point that if you are going to invest in a down sector, then buy one of the best stocks in that sector, so there is less risk to your principle and dividend. Such stocks do great on a sector turnaround.

Take care

Investment Hunting
November 4th, 2017 18:38

Nice results. Congrats on crossing $300 in dividends and for the record month. Great job adding so much new capital to your portfolio.

The Beta Post
November 5th, 2017 05:21

Thanks Investment Hunting :)

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