I currently have a total of 19 stocks in my portfolio, and during November a stunning 12 of them paid out dividends. No wonder November is by far my best month this year, beating my previous record with nearly 100%!

My portfolio is weighted against Norwegian stocks, and it's not that common for them to pay out quarterly dividends. Some do, others do semi-annually, but the vast majority pays an annual dividend during May/June.

So the fact that 12 of my 19 stocks paid out dividends this month if quite astonishing. But one should not that the largest dividend received this month is an extra-ordinary dividend from Orkla (ORK) due to their sale of SAPA earlier this year.

The table below lists all the dividends received this month, which amounts to a record high of $635.86.

Dividends received this month:

Date Stock Total
11/01    ATEA $99.92
11/01    T $22.05
11/03    ORK $184.27
11/07    TEL $38.49
11/13    O $5.30
11/15    OCY $102.91
11/16    PNDORA $35.59
11/21    AFG $51.09
11/21    MRRL $11.86
11/21    SMHD $13.40
11/23    REML $10.28
11/29    KID $60.70

And as I wrote about earlier this month, I sold CBL. Some of the cash generated from this I spent on Black Friday. As Stockles wrote, my broker offered free trading on US Stocks that day, and I was ready for some more O. So $6 saved on broker fee!

Transactions this month:

Stock Cost Shares Total
CBL $5.79 180 -$1.036
AFG $16.08 120 $1,926
O $56.30 19 $1,070

The graph below illustrates my dividend income so far this year, with November clearly sticking out, and bringing the total dividends received in 2017 to $2,628. December is looking quite slow, so I do not expect to reach the $3,000 bar this year.

  • 0
  • 157.17
  • 189.61
  • 297.96
  • 326.91
  • 66.87
  • 285.38
  • 124.06
  • 215.22
  • 329.07
  • 635.86

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