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Dividend report January 2018

Dividend report January 2018

2018 is flying by during the busy season, and the dividends keep on coming. January is a slow month for my European stocks, but the Americans did not let me down. Resulting in January actually beating the 2017 average.

Dividends received this month:

Date Stock Total
01/13    O $9.35
01/24    REML $88.87
01/25    MRRL $92.95
01/25    SMHD $58.63

What a great way to start the year! About $250 income this month, which is 5% of my annual goal. And as I anticipate January to be a slightly slow month over the course of 2018, I strongly believe I can reach my goal.

Another goal of mine is to invest $30,000 in the market during 2018. And in my blog post earlier this month I wrote that I did not expect to be able to invest any cash before easter. Luckily this changed, and I've been able to invest a total of $6,977. Which is 23% of my annual goal!

Transactions this month:

Stock Cost Shares Total
STL $22.80 110 $2,508
KIT $0.98 3,000 $2,957
TELIA $5.04 300 $1,512

With these investments my portfolio net worth is for the first time exceeding $50,000. Hopefully I can keep it that way.

Another thing to note is that starting next month I finally will be able to track my year-on-year growth, and it looks promising for February!


Dividend Driven
February 1st, 2018 15:09

I came across your blog today and I really like it. I have added you to my Leaderboard and Blogroll and look forward to following your journey!

The Beta Post
February 2nd, 2018 14:11

Hi Dividend Driven, and thanks for commenting! I visited your site, and do love your Leaderboard, thanks for adding me! I'll be sure to follow your blog as well :)

February 4th, 2018 20:22

Congrats on the soon to be Y/Y data comparison - and good progress as well. I notice in your portfolio KIT is missing a sector - Technology is where Morningstar puts them.

The Beta Post
February 11th, 2018 07:27

Hi Charlie, and thank you!

I've updated the sector for KIT now

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