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A new pension plan

As with other developed countries, the demographics of Norway are changing. We're living longer and producing less offsprings. This add pressure on the public financials, as the future income-tax per capita is declining. Their solutions? Trying to get the population to save more!

Dipping into preference shares

I bought my first preference shares the other day. An equity type not very popular in the dividend growth community, with a very well reasoning due to the fact that the dividends typically don't grow. But I thought I should give it a try.

My FIRE dream

It's been over a year since I shifted my investment strategy towards a more long-term goal. I used to chase hot stocks, but are now much more comfortable aiming for a stable growth. So I thought it's time to revisit what I want to achieve with this strategy.

The Statoil DRIP

I bought my first shares of Statoil back in January, and now it's time to collect my first dividend payment. But Statoil offer a dividend reinvestment plan, which I now need to decide if I should sign up for or not.

My two financial goals for 2018

2017 was the year I changed my investment strategy and started blogging about it. In earlier years I experienced great volatility due to an extreme apatite for risk, but this was not the case for 2017. I now believe I've found an investment strategy that suits me well, and I'll be sure to follow the same path in 2018.