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Dividend report June 2018

It's been quiet on this blog for the past couple of weeks, and the dividend report of June is actually twelve days late. Why? It's vacation time! But while I've been away, my portfolio has been at work as usual.

Dividend report May 2018

May has been one long party. The weather here up north has been superb, and the dividends pile up. Most of the annual-paying stocks in the Nordic market pay out their dividend this month, providing my portfolio with dividends in the four-figures!

Dividend report April 2018

This month has been more hectic than usual. My TODO list is a nightmare, and I've had trouble with my work-life balance. But there are also positive things happening. The weather is finally getting more warmer here up north, and my portfolio shows a three digit year-over-year growth!

Dividend report March 2018

Things are looking good at the moment. The busy-season is coming to an end and easter holiday is just around the corner. The dividends are also treating me well, with March yielding a strong year-over-year growth of 71.6%.

Dividend report February 2018

I was looking forward to writing this month dividend report, as I'm finally able to compare year-on-year growth. But it turns out that the stock that paid me last February has changed its payout month to March this year, effectively ruining my desire to compare year-on-year growth.