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Dividend report August 2018

The summer is coming to an end and I'm back at the office preparing for the next business cycle. It's easy living these day. And also the market is having a good time, with all time highs everywhere you look.

A new pension plan

As with other developed countries, the demographics of Norway are changing. We're living longer and producing less offsprings. This add pressure on the public financials, as the future income-tax per capita is declining. Their solutions? Trying to get the population to save more!

Dividend report July 2018

It's another slow month for my portfolio, and I've been taking some time off myself. But my monthly paying stocks are still doing their business, and I'm glad to see one of my new investments paying its dividend this "off-month".

Implementing reCAPTCHA

This blog is not based on Wordpress, and I (naively) thought I got under the radar of the big spam bots. But last week they found me, and hammered my blog with thousands of comments.

Dividend report June 2018

It's been quiet on this blog for the past couple of weeks, and the dividend report of June is actually twelve days late. Why? It's vacation time! But while I've been away, my portfolio has been at work as usual.